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Two falcons in a nesting box at WoodmenLife Tower in Omaha

Following the Falcons

Mintaka’s New Mate Has Been ID’d

April 10, 2018

We finally know who Mintaka’s been so sweet on for more than a month.

Please welcome Chayton to WoodmenLife Tower.

She hatched and was banded in May 2014 at American Century Investments in Kansas City, MO, area. Since then,…

Following the Falcons

Hera’s Favorite Summer Parks

April 24, 2012

Fontenelle Park Sprayground
Fontenelle Sprayground is the City's newest splash pad and is a place I like to visit on those hot summer days. A quick shower can do wonders for the mom of multiples! It has nine…

Following the Falcons

4 eggs and counting…

March 30, 2012

On Thursday, we spotted a 4th egg when Zeus came in to relieve Hera of her sitting duties! You can always tell it’s Zeus because he’s smaller in the nest and has a harder time getting his…

Following the Falcons

Peregrine Falcon Facts

February 23, 2011

While we wait for Zeus and Hera to begin nesting, here are a few more peregrine falcon facts to think about.
The name "peregrine" means wanderer, and the peregrine falcon has one of the longest migrations of…

Following the Falcons

And then there was one

June 25, 2010

The final falcon chick continues to remain at the nest and move along the ledge throughout the day. This is probably the youngest of the four chicks and will soon follow in the footsteps of his siblings.

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