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Supporting Families

Retirement Options, Personal Connection Essential for Family

four siblings laying in the grass

Mark and Kelly Lindstrom of Columbia, TN, have a specific goal for their future: living debt free in retirement and continuing to serve through the ministry of their church. With the help of WoodmenLife, they’re on a solid path toward that goal.

Like many adults who grew up part of Generation X, Mark knew he couldn’t rely on the retirement options that previous generations did. “I’ve never wanted to be in a position where I would fully count on Social Security,” he said.

Lindstrom, a pastor at Columbia Grace Church of the Nazarene, also knew a traditional pension plan would not be part of the equation. “Like many other occupations these days, there is no pension plan for ministers in my denomination,” he said. “From my earliest years in ministry, I’ve known if I’m ever going to be able to retire without burdening my children, I would have to save and invest on my own.”

With their four children in mind, the Lindstroms worked with WoodmenLife Representative Neal Pulley to roll over previously accumulated funds into a Variable Annuity with a Roth IRA rider two years ago.

“Neal went above and beyond the call of duty to help us adequately diversify within the fund,” he said. “We’ve been very pleased with the results.”

More Options with WoodmenLife

Pulley helped the Lindstroms choose the Variable Annuity, because it offered a wider range of investment options than they previously had access to.  That is thanks to WoodmenLife’s connections with many of the largest investment companies. “I like the diversity of investment subaccounts WoodmenLife provided for me to choose from,” Mark said.

The death benefit included with the Variable Annuity appealed to the Lindstroms, Pulley said. “With four young children, the death benefit meant a lot to them. If the market fluctuates, they are still guaranteed that benefit.”

Personal Connection

The Lindstroms also found that planning a future with WoodmenLife meant having hands-on help. “They wanted personal advice from a financial professional,” Pulley said. They didn’t have face-to-face consultations before.

The three meet regularly to discuss the future and continue building the Lindstroms’ retirement funds.

A Solid Future

After more than two decades of marriage and ministry, the Lindstroms say they are ready to move into their future on solid financial ground.

“We believe WoodmenLife provides a quality product, which enables our money to continue to grow,” Mark said. “If we can enter our official retirement healthy and debt-free, enjoying our children (and eventually our grandchildren), and able to serve the Church without the necessity of a paycheck, that will be ‘dream’ enough.”

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