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Supporting Families

Their Greatest Treasures will be the Memories You Make

What have you kept from your childhood? That toy you couldn’t live without in elementary school? That outfit you just had to have in junior high? Probably not. But chances are, what you still hold on to are the great memories your parents helped create for your family. And probably the photos that go with them.

Maybe you have fond memories of a skating rink, a festival or a particular trip. And maybe you’ve begun to pass some of these traditions down. However, there’s always room to create a few new memory-inducing traditions of your own.

And here’s why:

Create Memories

The options for creating memories with your family are endless; you just have to find the things that you enjoy together or the similar interests you share.

Theme parks tend to offer something for everyone, from the thrill seeker to the observer. They also generally have activities that accommodate kids of all ages. Your whole family will remember the great times you had together for years to come. They’ll remember looking forward to your visit, fighting off the fear to try new rides and laughing together throughout the day.

Live shows provide a unique opportunity to take your kids to see the characters or musicians they love. These often one-time only opportunities will long outlive watching a show on television or listening to music at home.

Supporting a local sports team is another great way for families to bond. Many families carry on attending live games throughout their lives, so it may be a tradition your kids can carry on with theirs.

You could also try family movie night. There’s a lot of flexibility, because you can go out to see a movie or screen one at home. Whether it’s once a month or once a year, family movie night is something you can celebrate together. Switch off who gets to pick the movie each time to mix it up.

Experience New Things

You don’t have to spend a ton to experience something new. Take a class together as a family, take on a new hobby or look for ways to volunteer as a family. Local festivals also give families opportunities to unite around a cause, a culture, or a season. When you find one or two that your family enjoys, you can make them annual traditions.

Learn to Go with the Flow

Often taking a road trip just a couple hours away can be lots of fun. And exploring new things almost always brings memories for years to come! Plus, travel never goes quite as planned, so you’ll help your kids develop the ability to adapt to any situation.

Camping is another great way to expand your flexibility as a family. Putting yourself outside your comfort zone, with different resources and unpredictable elements like the weather, can help you all get closer.

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