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Supporting Families

Getting Ready for a New Grandchild

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, the arrival of a new grandchild is an exciting time. By making sure your home is a safe environment for your grandchild, you can feel more confident when it comes time for you to take care of the baby.

When preparing for a grandchild, first consider the general safety of your home. Make sure that any medications you may have are kept in a safe location, and lock up any household chemicals or cleaning supplies you may have. Check that all your safety features, like fire extinguishers and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are working. Install baby gates around stairs, cover outlets and make sure cleaning supplies are up and out of reach.

Consider learning CPR and first aid for infants. By preparing for any situation, your son or daughter can be rest easy knowing their child is safe in your care.

Building a Safe Sleep Environment

When putting together a sleeping area for the baby, it’s important that you are up to date on new safety rules and recommendations. Things may have changed in the time since you bought items for the baby.

Regardless of it you are shopping for a new crib or using one you already have, make sure there are no cutouts in the headboard or footboard where the baby could get stuck. Follow guidelines like these to make sure the crib you use doesn’t pose a threat to the baby.

If you are using an old crib, make sure it doesn’t have a drop side. These cribs have been banned, and can lead to injuries or death. Check that all the hardware on your crib is properly installed and nothing is missing or broken.

It can be fun to pick out blankets or stuffed animals for the baby, but make sure you remove these when it’s time to go to sleep. Cribs should have only a firm, tight-fitting mattress with a crib sheet in them when the baby goes to sleep. Always place the baby on his or her back when sleeping.

Bathtub Safety

When it’s time to give baby a bath, make sure you’re totally focused on the task at hand. If using a bath seat, stay within an arm’s length from the baby. Never leave a child unattended in the bathtub.

Only fill the tub with about an inch of water. This is enough to clean the baby, let them have fun and still stay safe. Keep the temperature of the water between 95 and 100 degrees. Test the water using your forearm or wrist as these areas have thinner skin and mimic what the baby will feel.

Mealtime Safety with Your New Grandchild

Meals are a great time to begin building relationships with your grandchild. They are one of the first places where you can start to see them show autonomy, growth and their personality.

When using a high chair, make sure all straps and latches are used. Like with bath time, don’t leave the baby unattended while in their high chair. As your grandchild grows, make sure they know to always stay seated while in their high chair.

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