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Make Your Goals Happen This Year

What goals should I set for myself this year? How should I achieve those goals? The options can be overwhelming. We’ve made it easy for you by breaking down the major personal goals most of us want to work on into three categories. Within each category, you’ll find specific examples of how to apply those your goals to your life.

How to Set Your Goals
First, think about the things that matter to you. Is there anything you’ve been meaning to work on? Is there anything that would provide more happiness in your life overall? Next, using the specific examples below, choose two or three things you want to pursue; then take action to achieve that goal!

I Will Make a Difference This Year

Many of us aspire to make a difference, but doing so often seems overwhelming. The benefits seem limitless – personal satisfaction, the example you set for your children, spending quality time as a family, the humility you gain, and more. But how do you get started?

Goal: Give Back More
Action: Find a way to volunteer your time for a cause you care about. First, think about the organizations you’re already involved in, like your child’s school or your church. Next, think about what you are passionate about, whether it’s sports, animals, politics, or helping children. Sites like Volunteer Match can help connect you with a volunteer opportunity that fits your life and passions.

Goal: Donate to Charity
Action: Decide if you are able to give money or items. If you want to donate items, organizations like Paralyzed Veterans of America will pick up unneeded household goods. Also, many organizations, including animal rescues and homeless shelters, post wish lists for their most needed items on their websites.

If you want to donate money, do some research on how you can make the most impact. Websites like Guidestar let you research nonprofits and show you more information about how they put donations to use.


I Will Enjoy Life to the Fullest

We all get busy, and sometimes we aren’t able to make as much time for things that are important to us. When setting goals for the year, take a minute to consider your priorities.

Goal: Make New Friends
Action: Meeting new people can be tough, but in the digital age it’s easier than ever. Attend events that catch your interest on social media. You can also connect on a wide variety of interests, like playing board games, appreciating food or meditating, on sites like Meetup.

Goal: Be More Patriotic
Action: Follow organizations known for celebrating America and First Responders on social media. They will often post local events you can support, especially for Memorial Day or Independence Day.

Goal: Spend More Time with Family
Action: Set aside specific times all family members can schedule around consistently. Whether it’s one family night a week or a couple hours around dinner each night, figure out what will work for your family.


I Will Take Steps Toward My Personal Financial Goals

Money can be one of the biggest stressors for families, both in the short-term and for long-term goals. However, it’s never too early to take concrete steps toward improving your financial situation and planning for the future.

Goal: Be More Prepared
Action: In addition to paying bills now, think about how you will cover expenses down the line. Life insurance can play a huge role in maintaining financial stability for your family. It never hurts to meet with a Representative to find out what your cost will be, and how life insurance could help your family.

Goal: Get Organized
Action: One of the best ways to get organized financially is to make sure you have all your information pulled together. This includes financial accounts, debts, assets, and health care information. To make it even easier, this free guide helps you compile this information so you have an overall view of your finances. It is also a helpful tool for your family, in case you should experience a medical crisis or worse.

Goal: Plan for Retirement
Action: Even if you’re putting away money through your 401(k) at work, it’s a good idea to meet with someone who can help you figure out your personal situation. Ask if annuities and IRAs might be good options for you.

Goal: Think About Paying for College
Action: Hoping your child will be able to afford school by scoring an academic or athletic scholarship is not enough. Act now by searching for scholarships you can qualify for by belonging to an organization. Second, look into 529 College Savings Plans.* In many cases, you can start now by contributing as little as $25 a month. Most importantly, when looking at these scholarships, consider options that apply to trade schools and community colleges in addition to traditional four-year schools. You never know what path your child will take.

Goal: Save On the Things I Buy
It may not seem like it, but saving 10% here or 20% there can make a big difference over time. Look into organizations that will offer you discounts just for buying their products (like insurance companies, banks and credit unions). Be sure you do business with companies that offer you extras like discounts.


WoodmenLife can help you take action on any of the goals above you chose. A local Representative can walk you through making a difference, living your best life or working on your finances.

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