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Life Insurance Riders – Get More for Your Family

life insurance riders give the Kinvi family additional life insurance coverage

The Kinvi family is grateful WoodmenLife has products to fit their family's specific needs.

Are you a parent or grandparent looking to purchase life insurance for a young member of your family? WoodmenLife offers many products that give you the opportunity to personalize the coverage with life insurance riders,1 or additional insurance at an added cost.

For example, the Guaranteed Insurability Rider2 gives the insured individual the ability to purchase additional insurance coverage in the future without a medical exam or proof of insurability. These purchases may take place at specific ages or when certain life events occur, such as marriage and the birth or adoption of a child.

Available with all permanent life insurance products (except No Lapse Guaranteed Universal Life), the Guaranteed Insurability Rider may be purchased for individuals age 0 – 37. There is also a $50,000 limit for all certificates, and the maximum amount cannot exceed two times the base amount of the insurance.3

More for Your Family

When it comes to protecting their family’s future, Mensan and Gwendolyn Kinvi of Greenville, SC, don’t believe in cutting corners. That’s why they worked with WoodmenLife Representative Evans Agagah to make sure they have the right life insurance coverage for their family.

“We are so thankful for our Representative,” Mensan said. “He does not miss a beat! He keeps us informed and keeps our coverage updated as our family needs change.” And the Kinvi’s needs did change. When they were married, the couple made sure to add life insurance for Gwendolyn, as Mensan was already a WoodmenLife member.4

Then with the birth of their sons, 4-year-old Gideon and 2-year-old Gael, they added additional coverage for themselves, along with certificates for the children.

WoodmenLife offers a variety of products that cater specifically to my family’s needs,” Mensan said. “And Evans made sure we got the right products to ensure our boys will be covered in the future.”

Ensuring that the Kinvi children can be covered down the road required more than a basic insurance certificate. Mensan and his father have both been denied additional insurance coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition. So the Kinvis wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to their boys.

“Evans recommended adding life Insurance riders to the boys’ 20 Pay Whole Life certificates because of our family heath history,” Mensan said. “It gives us peace of mind knowing they can increase their coverage down the road without more health screenings.”

By adding the Guaranteed Insurability Rider to their children’s certificates, the Kinvis feel confident their children will be taken care of. “The life insurance riders are a great plus for families that may have a doubting health history,” Gwendolyn said. “It lets us sleep more and worry less about the future.”

In addition to the Guaranteed Insurability Rider, the boys’ certificates and Gwendolyn’s 20 Pay Whole Life certificate were also issued with the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider2,5. With this life insurance rider, they could all receive a portion of their life insurance benefits while still living if they are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal condition.

“We are so happy to be part of the WoodmenLife family,” Mensan said. “We always recommend them because of the great benefits, our great experience and how they’re helping secure our family’s future.”

The Importance of Life Insurance Riders

WoodmenLife Community Outreach Manager Marla Baker has always had a close relationship with her nieces, Jordan and Alexis (Lexi). “When my sister, Keri, had Jordan she had complications and nearly died,” Baker said. “I was the first to hold Jordan, and we have always been very close.”

So when Jordan was approaching her 18th Birthday and high school graduation, Baker started thinking about what she should do for her as a gift. She wanted to do something that would make a difference for her in the long term, and she knew she had no life insurance. So after some praying, Baker approached her sister with the idea.

After Baker’s sister agreed, she set up a meeting with WoodmenLife Representative Scott Koebel. They worked together to execute the certificate for Jordan. Once completed, Baker said Koebel turned to her and said, “Now, what about little bit?” referring to her 5-year-old niece, Lexi. “I thought it was ridiculous! A 5-year-old doesn’t need life insurance,” Baker said. “But then I thought it wasn’t fair to buy a certificate for one niece and not the other. So, we set up another appointment, and repeated the process for Lexi.”

During the sales process, Baker said she remembers Koebel asking her if she wanted the Guaranteed Insurability Rider and others on the certificate. “I asked him to explain the life insurance riders. He obliged, and I added them,” Baker said.

About nine months after purchasing the certificates, Baker said Lexi started complaining of stomach pain. After several doctor visits, they arranged for an abdominal ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed that Lexi had been born with one kidney, severely deformed, and located just under her heart. If she ever has a kidney infection or a kidney stone, she’ll have to be put on the transplant list.

“Because Scott looked at me and said, ‘now what about little bit’ this child will live her life – no matter how long or short – and be able to purchase additional life insurance coverage down the road with WoodmenLife without a health exam or reapplying,” Baker said. “And she would probably not be able to get it in her lifetime otherwise.”

So, Baker said that every time she looks at Lexi, she knows WoodmenLife is protecting her and her family. “It feels kinda like I hired her own guardian angel,” Baker said. “As her aunt, what more could I possibly ask for?”

If you’re not already a member, we hope you will consider WoodmenLife for your life insurance needs. We’d love to have you join our family. For more information about life insurance riders and all of the products we offer, or to find a Representative in your area, go to


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  1. Not all riders are available on all plans. 2. All contractual provisions apply and may vary by state. 3. There are certain limitations and maximum benefit amounts that apply 4. An individual becomes a member by joining our shared commitment to family, community and country, and by purchasing a WoodmenLife product. These benefits are not contractual, are subject to change and have specific eligibility requirements. 5. Benefit payments may affect eligibility for public assistance programs.


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