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Four Holiday Stressors and How to Tackle Them

Holiday stressors can take away from the magic of the season, but they don’t have to. Don’t worry, you got this. These helpful tips will prepare you to navigate these common holiday stressors and help you focus on the things that really matter, like spending time with family and enjoying the holiday season. You don’t have to break yourself mentally and financially to celebrate traditions your whole family will cherish.

Full House

The thought of having the entire family over for the holidays can be very daunting. Avoid the chaos with these simple fixes.

  • Have small activities, like puzzles or board games, ready to go for when the children, or maybe even the adults, start to get bored. Not only will this make for some easy entertainment, it could also make some memories.
  • If there are too many people around, take it outside! Don’t be afraid to step out and take a walk. Even if it’s only a few minutes the fresh air will help you relax.
  • Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same room at the same time. Make other rooms feel cozy and welcoming as well, so guests can spread out. Have small holiday decorations spread around and put some light snacks (think popcorn and mixed nuts) out. This will not only draw your guests there, but also make them feel like they can hang out there.

Cooking for a Crowd

Even if you’re a pro cook and/or host, putting on the year’s biggest feast can be daunting. Try these steps to lighten the load.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to do everything. Take one day to narrow down what you want to make and create your shopping list, one day to prep ingredients and one day to do the actual cooking.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s completely reasonable to ask others to bring sides or drinks. Ask the bakers to bring dessert to really add to the variety.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, or burnt the cookies, you can always buy pre-made desserts at the grocery store. Hide the evidence and no one will ever know. (Check out which store bought cookie dough comes out on top here.)

Christmas in a New Home

For your first big holiday in a new home, you may feel pressure to go bigger and better than ever before. But remember, new traditions don’t have to add to your holiday stressors.

  • Something as simple as making homemade ornaments can commemorate your first year in the new house. If everyone in the family enjoys this, you’ve got yourself a new tradition!
  • Old traditions don’t have to die when you move. Your new traditions can complement the old ones, since there’s no such thing as too many holiday memories.
  • Spread the holiday spirit by sharing with your new neighbors. Something as simple as bringing over some cookies or a Christmas card can bring people together, and make you feel more at home in your new place.

Winter Break Boredom Blues

Your kids are at home over winter break and chances are they are getting restless. Here are some activities to keep them occupied and off their phones.

  • Take them out to volunteer for a cause they are passionate about. The holidays are always a great time to help out in your community, and this will teach your kids about the gift of giving to others. If you are a WoodmenLife member, contact your local chapter to see what volunteer opportunities it has lined up for the holiday season.
  • Put them to work in the kitchen. There are plenty of fun and yummy holiday treats your kids will be happy to help you out with.
  • Pile the family into the car and check out the holiday lights in your town. What is more magical than that? Make it extra special with some hot chocolate marshmallow goodness for the kids.

Take a deep breath. You got this. No matter what holiday stressors you may experience, remember this should be a happy time of year. These tips and tricks will help you stay sane and enjoy the holiday season.

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