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6 Reasons Women Rock at Sales

Your kids are getting ready to leave the nest or are starting to need less of your time, and you’re thinking about the next phase of your life. You’ll have more time going forward, and you’re thinking about going back to work. Getting started can be a little intimidating. Maybe you haven’t updated a resume in years, or maybe you don’t want an employer dictating how you spend every minute of your day. A professional sales career may be the perfect way to build on the skills you’re already a pro at, while still giving you the flexibility you need to keep your family a priority while making some great money.

As women, we want to do something we know we’ll be successful at. Guess what? Hubspot reports that women close 11% more sales deals than men.

That’s no coincidence. As a woman, you are juggling multiple balls at all times. You take care of the details and make things happen. You’re the one your family relies on to be a fierce advocate, and you can serve that same role for your clients.

You already have everything you need to be awesome at sales, regardless of your professional experience. Can you relate to any of these traits? You can probably check off most of these boxes:

1. You’re a learner.

Whether it’s helping with homework or building the family budget, you pick up the knowledge to get any job done. That means you can easily learn about products and teach others about them.

2. You are great at organizing.

Whether it’s your school, church or extended family, people know they can count on you to pull together the details for any event, big or small. This is vital in sales, as you often get opportunities to be active in your community and to plan or participate in events.

3. You make friends everywhere you go.

Sales is all about connections. As a natural relationship builder, you’ll soar because of your ability to form a genuine connection and fill a need. You try to take care of people, instead of just selling for the sake of making a profit.

4. You’re a great caretaker.

The best sales people look out for the best interest of their customers, making listening a crucial skill. If you can set yourself apart by truly taking care of people, you are likely to do well in sales.

5. You are great at networking.

If you’re going to sell, you need people to sell to. You’ve already built tons of connections all around you. Just think about how many people you connect with on Facebook or talk to at church each week. These relationships will help you successfully launch a sales career.

6. You’re a go-getter.

You know what it means to work hard. You’ve run side gigs, headed up fundraisers and you’ve always got something in the works. Your drive and ambition are the perfect fit for sales.


These are just a few of the strengths that have already prepared you for a successful sales career. What’s the next step? To build the life you want, it’s crucial that you find the right company.

Choose a company with a great mission.

To succeed in sales, it’s important that you sell a product you truly believe in. You want something you can speak authentically about. Life insurance could be a perfect fit, because you’re not just selling something families want, but something they truly need. You’re helping families prepare for the future financially and helping them address all the questions and concerns you’ve considered for your own family.

Complete Training

In any new career, sales or otherwise, there is going to be a learning curve – about the products you’ll sell and about the company itself. Choose a company that provides the training you’ll need to be successful.

Mentoring and Support

Even though you are building a business for yourself in sales, it’s important to choose a company that provides the support you need. This includes a strong team environment with mentoring and ongoing resources in the form of additional training and support from a national headquarters.

Benefits Package

It’s hard to find a sales positions with benefits, especially a 401(k) or other retirement options. Be sure to look for companies that also offer retirement matching.

Start with Pay

You want to see a return on your efforts. Avoid choosing a company that starts you solely on commission. There are sales positions that will offer a compensation plan to help you get started.

WoodmenLife offers all this in a sales career and more. And we want you on our team!

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