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A Day at Disney for Gold Star Families

WoodmenLife Volunteers at Magic Kingdom

WoodmenLife Volunteers at Magic Kingdom

Today’s events started with an early breakfast for Snowball Express families so that buses could be loaded for a day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The Gold Star families were greeted by hundreds of Disney employees and volunteers who welcomed them for the Walk of Gratitude. WoodmenLife volunteers were honored with the opportunity to walk with the families along the path to Cinderella’s castle, where their day of fun would begin.

“It’s an awesome, humbling experience to be involved in this event.” said Florida WoodmenLife Sales Representative Bonnie Condorodis. She was part of this morning’s group who caught a 5 a.m. bus to arrive at the park before the families.

Disney Fun All Day Long

Today will be a day filled with all things Disney for the children and parents to enjoy together.  At 2:00 pm today, Snowball Graduates (kids who have turned 18 and will no longer return to the event each year) will walk in the Disney Parade. The rest of the families will have reserved seating in front of the castle to watch.

To find out more about Snowball Express events and to see a video of the the walk, visit WoodmenLife’s Corporate Facebook page.



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