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Focus on Financial Well-Being

During the month of May, we’re focusing on a different kind of fitness here at WoodmenLife: financial fitness.

No one is born knowing how to save and invest. But everyone can learn!

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  • Know Your Financial Situation: Take an honest look at your finances. If they are not where they need to be, make a plan to improve them.
  • Make a Financial Plan: What are the things you want to save and invest for? List your important goals first, then find ways to help you achieve them.
  • Pay Yourself First: Include a category for savings and investing in your budget.
  • Spend Wisely: Ask yourself if you really need it. Over time, even small amounts saved can add up to big money.

Another good place to start are the financial calculators on



WoodmenLife was founded in 1890 as a not for profit. The organization gives back to its nearly 700,000 customers, who join together in a commitment to family, community and country. With a legacy of financial stability, WoodmenLife offers quality life insurance and retirement products. To learn more about WoodmenLife, visit
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