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Use Impact to Fundraise for Classroom Projects and Get Top Marks

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Young students showing what they've created in science

When back-to-school sales rolled out in August, along came stories about teachers reaching into their pockets to pay for classroom supplies. Sure, it speaks to their dedication, but it’s a shame they have to personally pay for supplies to help students learn better.

What if you could help your favorite school get the supplies or equipment it needs? What if it was as easy as setting up a campaign on

WoodmenLife’s new online fundraising tool, WoodmenLife Impact℠, can help you lead the charge to benefit schools and other worthy causes in your hometown. It can help you strengthen your community and turn seemingly small efforts into big differences.

Ways to Make an Impact

Let’s say your favorite school would really benefit from laptops in the classrooms. WoodmenLife Impact would give you a way to fund their purchase. After all, there is evidence that shows technology helps the learning process. Experts at eLearning Industry say tech supports education by:

  • Providing interesting and educational models
  • Improving communication
  • Empowering the ability to conduct advanced research
  • Setting up effective assessments
  • Enabling individualized learning
  • Making learning more fun
  • Helping groups work together
  • Allowing a more open learning environment

As it happens, three of the first 12 WoodmenLife Impact fundraising projects were for purchasing laptops.

Classroom Must-Haves

Of course, there are many other ways fundraising can help schools. Maybe your favorite school could use new playground equipment, your alma mater’s band could use new uniforms or there’s a shortage of decent gear for P.E. class. Schools are already using WoodmenLife Impact to:

  • Upgrade a grade school soccer field
  • Buy new seats for a fourth-grade classroom
  • Buy hydroponic gardening kits for second-graders

Your favorite school probably has many needs. And now you have a great way to meet one or more of them.

Easy-to-Run Campaigns

There are many advantages to using WoodmenLife Impact:

  • WoodmenLife will pay 100% of administrative costs, including credit card fees.
  • The benefitting organization will keep 100% of the donations, regardless if the fundraising goal is met.
  • Fundraisers are verified. Most other websites don’t verify the legitimacy of published fundraisers.
  • WoodmenLife will donate $50 to a new fundraiser1.

You won’t be alone in your efforts. WoodmenLife account specialists help you succeed. So, will these great tips for getting started:

  • Enlist others to help get the word out.
  • Create a video to explain the cause or project.
  • Keep people updated, because once they’ve donated, they’re invested and want the campaign to succeed.
  • Make sure everyone knows about the cause or project. The more attention it receives, on social media or elsewhere, the more likely they’ll reach their goal.

Start Fundraising

Now, you’re ready to help your school get what it needs, and WoodmenLife Impact is ready to help you.

Get started at


  1. Seed funds are granted as available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed to all campaigns. Approval of campaign proposals is dependent upon certain conditions and requirements as determined by WoodmenLife.

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