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Following the Falcons

Zeus & Hera remain on nest in spite of losing one egg.

This week we discovered (as you may have also noticed) that one of the eggs is missing from the nest. In order for the eyases to develop properly, the eggs have to be turned regularly. Occasionally this can break one of the eggs. It’s not unusual for one of the parents to consume the contents of the broken egg. This prevents attracting predators, as well as keeping the nest clean and healthy for the new brood. Here is the peek we got at the eggs yesterday morning, during a shift change.
(Embedded image moved to file: pic17158.gif)
The happier news is that we’re nearing hatch date- and both parents are diligently taking turns on the nest. Have any of you started thinking of names for the new falcons?

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  • Avatar Miss Ones' First Grade says:

    My first grade class has been watching the falcons since they came back this spring. We are watching every day to see if they are hatching. Our ideas for names are: Christopher, John, Sam, Peep, Jackson, Erica, Jessie, Micheal, Mariana, Olivia, Chloe, Zoe, Jackie, P.J., Falc, Talc, Ralph, and Teriona.

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