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Following the Falcons

What Kind of Falcon Are You?

There are 37 species of falcons in the world, flying the skies above all of the continents, except Antarctica. There are several similarities among the birds, including their long, thin, tapered wings. But there are several differences, too, which makes them unique.

Which falcon would you be?

Are you the smallest in a crowd? Do you like wide-open spaces? Do you see your mate as a lifelong companion?

  • You might be an American kestrel. It is the smallest falcon in the Americas. It is widespread, but prefers open to semi-open landscapes.

Are you the biggest around? Do you like hanging out in cold spots? Do you like the U.S. Air Force?

  • You might be a gyrfalcon. It is the largest falcon in the world, and it breeds in the Arctic. It also is the mascot of the Air Force Academy’s sports teams.

Do you like it when it’s dry? Are you a fan of North America? Do you like sports?

  • You might be a prairie falcon. It is the only falcon native only to North America, found primarily in arid areas. It also is the preferred bird for use in falconry in the U.S.

Are you the only one of your kind in your country? Is it difficult for you to get along with people? Is there a picture of someone like you on money?

  • You might be a New Zealand falcon. It is the only falcon found there, predominantly on South Island. It aggressively defends its nest, even being known to attack humans. It also is featured on New Zealand’s $20 note.

Are you the fastest around? Have you been almost everywhere on Earth? Like the American kestrel, do you view your mate as a lifelong companion?

  • You might be a peregrine falcon. It is the fastest animal on Earth, recorded in a dive at 240 mph. It also possesses the greatest range of any falcon on Earth, rebounding from dwindling numbers a generation or so ago.

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