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Following the Falcons

We’re up to 5 eggs!

Hera has laid her fifth egg and both parents are taking their turn on the
eggs. They have a routine switch time around 8:30 a.m. Zeus is usually the
one on the eggs at that time. Pictured below is Zeus on the left and Hera
on the right.

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  • Avatar another falcon fan says:

    Elsewhere on this blog someone has asked about “Twittering” about these birds. I don’t know of anyone twittering, but I know the next best thing.
    The Cleveland Falcon Forum has a thread about Hera and Zeus.
    The also have threads about other falcons all over the northern hemisphere, including one pair in Italy. In our fall you can follow a couple of nests in Australia. And they have threads about other species of wildlife.

  • Avatar Julie says:

    Hera & Zues I am pulling for you and your eggs down here in St. Petersburg, FL!

  • Avatar Diane says:

    WOW!! Zeus and Hera will have to work extra hard to feed a 5th baby.
    Rochell Elementary Students
    Rockwall, TX

  • Avatar Sharon Pohlmeier says:

    Thank you for using this method of watching the Falcons, I really enjoy bird watching this way.I still don’t know which is which yet.Hera or Zeus on nest.Maybe I’ll get it figured out. Thanks again love seeing the updates of email. Sharon

  • Avatar Diane says:

    A question from the students in TX watching along: We have learned that the Woodmen Tower is 30 stories high. Is the nest on the top of the tower, or on another floor? We are charting so would appreciate the information so we can have it correct!
    Rochell Elementary
    Rockwall, TX

  • Avatar Ernie says:

    To the students in Texas:
    The Woodmen Tower is 30 stories high. There are two falcon nests that are located on the building ledge on the 28th floor (the windows underneath the WOODMEN name.)
    There are two nests on the 28th floor ledge. Both are located at the northeast corner of the building. The current nest on the east side. Another nest, which was used last year by Zeus and Hera, is around the corner on the north side.
    Omaha, NE

  • Avatar kaleen says:

    wow this is so crasy but i like it and my teacher ms cimpl told my class all about it so now im on this website.and i hope the eggs hatch very quikly so other people can see them. have fun

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