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Following the Falcons

Welcome to the World, Baby Falcons

Mintaka and Chayton have finished the first stage of peregrine parenthood: laying and incubating their eggs. Three tiny raptors have emerged, ready to start growing into the fastest animals on the planet.

As he has during incubation, Mintaka will continue to bring food to his Chayton. Now, though, he’ll have to bring more to feed his brood. Chayton soon will be joining the hunt to keep the little falcons fed.


On June 3rd, we will host the banding, during which experts from Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery team and Nebraska Game and Parks will affix small bracelet-like pieces to the chicks’ legs. The bands will allow the birds to be traced when they are found elsewhere in the country.


Within a few weeks, the birds will be strong enough to take flight. Then, Mintaka and Chayton will be empty nesters again. Until next year, when hopefully they’ll be back to raise a new family.


Keep tabs on the falcons as they grown on our Falcon Watch cam.



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