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Following the Falcons

Start the Countdown to Falcon Hatchlings

Chayton, looking to raise her second brood here at The WoodmenLife Tower, has laid 4 eggs this year. The rule of thumb is roughly 33 days from the last egg laid to hatching, so about a month from now, white and fuzzy eyases (baby falcons) will be squawking in Chayton’s nest. Too soon the babies will be grown – they usually take their first flight 39 to 49 days after hatching – so let’s enjoy every moment.

While you’re waiting, be sure to check in on Chayton and Mintaka as they tend to their eggs. Then, get ready for the banding of the birds and the naming contest, which takes place on the WoodmenLife Facebook page after the banding. (Last year’s chicks were named Liberty, Justice and Freedom.)



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