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Following the Falcons

Reward: Identify Mystery Female Falcon

Calling all Falcon Fans! We need your help identifying Mintaka’s new female friend. WoodmenLife is going to donate $75 to the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery program in the name of whomever can capture a clear image of the female’s tag. Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery is focused on the conservation of birds of prey, such as: eagles, falcons, hawks, owls and vultures.
We need to be able to read the entire tag to identify her. The tag will display a number and a letter, for example, Mintaka’s tag shows #57/H. To view the WoodmenLife FalconCam and capture an image, visit and click the link to the live camera view. Once you have captured a clear image, post it to the Hall of Fame with your full name and where you’re from. Be sure to mention the contest, too. Best of luck!



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