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Following the Falcons

Following the Falcons

No Eggs? No Problem.

April 6, 2018

Many of you are aware of our beloved female tower falcon, Charity, and her untimely passing back in January. Without surprise, this has made mating season for our male falcon, Mintaka, a little abnormal. Falcon followers are…

Following the Falcons

Reward: Identify Mystery Female Falcon

March 2, 2018

Calling all Falcon Fans! We need your help identifying Mintaka’s new female friend. WoodmenLife is going to donate $75 to the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery program in the name of whomever can capture a clear image of…

Following the Falcons

Sad News About AdorABEL

June 13, 2017

Unfortunately, the mortality rate of peregrine falcons in their first year is 59-70 percent, and we’ve already experienced this in the short lifetime of this year’s clutch.

AdorABEL (band number B/88) was found lifeless on the 5th floor…

Following the Falcons

IncredABEL Names for the Four Falcons

June 9, 2017

The votes have been calculated and the results are in. The WoodmenLife falcon chicks have been named: ABEL, IsABEL, AdorABEL, and CapABEL.

Wendy Wees from Omaha, NE, submitted the winning names. She said she felt compelled to enter because…

Following the Falcons

Four Female Falcons – Let the Naming Begin!

May 19, 2017

With four female falcons, what names would you give them?

We really want to know! Submit your names right now:

Desktop contest link:

Mobile/tablet contest link:

You have from now until noon on Friday, May 26. We’ll narrow down the names,…

Following the Falcons

It’s Banding Day!

May 19, 2017

It’s the highly-anticipated falcon banding day! This is WoodmenLife’s 29th year of the falcon program, and we are so proud to play a part in helping the peregrine falcons bounce back from near extinction. You can watch…

Following the Falcons

Falcons Survived the Storm

May 17, 2017

Falcons are survivors.

Last night Omaha and the surrounding areas experienced a storm with 80 mph winds. With power lines and trees knocked down in the area, what about the falcons on the 28th floor of the WoodmenLife…

Following the Falcons

One Week Until Banding

May 12, 2017

One week from today we’ll know the falcons’ genders and WoodmenLife will launch the naming contest!

Every year, the winner of the naming contest gets to come to the following year’s banding. Last year’s winner, Joey Sarinana, lives…

Following the Falcons

Falcons are Fast in More Ways than One

May 5, 2017

Everyone knows that peregrine falcons are fast flyers. Peregrines are the speediest birds on the planet.

But did you know they also grow quickly?

Fans of WoodmenLife’s falcon cam will tell you that the baby falcons change quite a…