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Following the Falcons

Get Egg-cited! Our Hatch Watch Has Begun

A female falcon sits on the right edge of her nest containing 3 eggs.

Chayton, WoodmenLife's female falcon, sits proudly next to her three eggs.

Are you ready? Our falcon eggs are almost a month old! And falcon eggs usually hatch a month or so after they’re laid.

Over the past few weeks, Chayton has been committed to her motherly duties, diligently protecting her eggs.

While we eagerly await the arrival of our eyasses, other eggs have been hatching across the country. Take a peek at:

~ Claps hands excitedly! ~

Check in on our own Chayton any time. Be sure to stay tuned to our hatching process, the banding of the falcons and the naming contest.

#FalconWatch #FalconCam



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