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Following the Falcons

Chayton & Mintaka Start Brood with 2 Eggs—So Far

Peregrine falcon in box on tower in downtown Omaha with two eggs

We are getting egg-actly what we’d hoped for – eggs!

Chayton, the new female falcon at WoodmenLife Tower in Omaha, laid two eggs over the weekend in the uncovered box on the north side of the 28th floor.

Chayton is new to downtown, and falcon watchers have been on edge about whether she and Mintaka would have eggs this spring.

Mintaka’s previous mate, Charity, died in a collision earlier this year. They hatched 10 females and two males over three years. After her death, Mintaka spent weeks away from home searching for a new mate. He finally returned with Chayton, who was born in 2014 near Kansas City, MO.

Chayton may not be done laying eggs yet. Average clutch sizes for peregrine falcons are about four eggs. Females often lay an egg every other day.

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