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Planning for Retirement: The WoodmenLife Difference

Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned, but change can be more manageable when help is readily available. At WoodmenLife, our Representatives care about their customers and provide the individual service that makes a big difference in times of need.

For WoodmenLife member Jennie Price of Surf City, NC, everything changed when her husband, Wayne, passed unexpectedly last April, just a few years into their retirement.

“I was in shock and didn’t know where to start,” Price said. The couple had been helping their son raise his son, their grandson. “I was suddenly a single grandma and I had never been a single mom. I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed. It definitely helped when I realized I had someone to help me.”

Turning to a Trusted Partner

The Prices had been active in Chapter 1483 in Hampstead, NC; in fact, Wayne had been cooking at a chapter event earlier the evening of his passing and Jennie has served as a jurisdictional delegate. “You could count on Wayne whenever needed,” Representative Travis Horrell said. “The whole family has supported our chapter.”

Price knew she could count on Horrell to help her re-evaluate her financial future. “He was knowledgeable, steady and compassionate,” she said.

Horrell helped Price convert her husband’s life and retirement products to support her retirement goals. “We talked through a needs analysis, and talked about her risk tolerance and what she wanted to accomplish,” he said. Price found that the best plan for her was a Single Premium Deferred Annuity, in addition to the IRA she already owned.

Above and Beyond

In addition to helping Price with her WoodmenLife products, Horrell accompanied Price to the Veteran’s Administration to help her with Wayne’s military benefits. “I would’ve missed a lot of things,” Price said. Horrell, as a veteran himself, “knew exactly what to do,” she said.

“We have a lot of responsibility,” Horrell said. “As a Representative, it is important to maintain and develop relationships, to take care of our members.”

Life often shifts gears, and Price said she would refer friends and family Horrell’s way if they needed help. “You build up trust when someone helps you like that,” she said. “I would send them to someone I trusted.”

Connect with a local WoodmenLife Representative today to learn how you will prepare for your family’s financial future; we’ll walk through it with you now … and as changes happens along the way.

Liz Perry

Liz Perry earned the nickname "Webster" at age 8 for correcting others' spelling. She leveraged that into a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in leadership, now used to make magic at WoodmenLife and opine at Spoiling three pound puppies and pretending to be a rock star round out her spontaneous, often messy, life.

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