First egg arrives this weekend!

by   |   March 30, 2009

I spotted the egg on Saturday afternoon, April 28. It was pushed up close
to the camera side of the box. No one was sitting on the egg at the time
so I could see that there was only…


We Have an Egg!

by   |   March 30, 2009

We’ve got our first egg of the season. We first noticed the egg Saturday afternoon. Peregrines usually lay a clutch of 3-5 eggs a couple days apart. Here is a picture for verification.

This image was taken from the overhead…


Someone boil some water!

by   |   March 20, 2009

Is Hera in labor? Lately there’s been lots of action going on in the box.
Hera has been in the box and very active for the last two days. She’s been
circling around and rearranging the pebbles. This morning…


View two at once!

by   |   March 17, 2009

At this moment both falcons are within the north cameras’ view. Hera is on
the box, I’m assuming, and Zeus is on the ledge. And look! He’s brought
her breakfast!


Falcon Watch Spring 2009

by   |   March 9, 2009

It’s time to start watching Zeus and Hera. They have chosen the North nest
box again this year. I hope this season will have a happier outcome than
last year.
Last year two falcons, both not banded, fought over territory….


Welcome to the Show

by   |   March 6, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 FalconWatch blog. We will be updating the blog frequently, please check back for the latest information. You can also subscribe to our blog feed or view it on the FalconWatch website at http://www.woodmen.org/falcons.First…


Falcon Chick Hopefuls

by   |   February 5, 2009

The 20th Anniversary of the Woodmen of the World Peregrine Falcon Project was something of a letdown to many. Falcon fans watched as Hera laid four eggs, but the excitement quickly turned into sadness. Hera was not…

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