Following the Falcons

It’s Banding Day!

It’s the highly-anticipated falcon banding day! This is WoodmenLife’s 29th year of the falcon program, and we are so proud to play a part in helping the peregrine falcons bounce back from near extinction. You can watch previous banding day ceremonies on our Falcon Watch website.

We wanted to note that during around 10:00 through 11:00 central time, the live stream falcon cam will not be showing the nest as usual. That is the time of banding – and we also clean the window and make sure the camera is working properly. We try to minimize disturbances to the falcons – so we get everything done that we can during this one time.

Conducting today’s banding will be folks from Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery, and Nebraska Game and Parks. Our friend Joel Jorgensen will lead the banding – check out his blog about non-game birds. We’re lucky to have an expert like him in our state.

Stay tuned later today for the gender announcement and the launch of the naming contest! The winner of the contest will be invited to the banding ceremony in 2018. Enter your names this afternoon on WoodmenLife’s Facebook page.



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