Following the Falcons

A Foursome! And the Banding Day is Set

It looks like the fourth falcon egg hatched last night – this morning we spotted four heads trying to get food at the first feeding of the day.

Banding Day Scheduled

Nebraska Games and Parks and Raptor Recovery Center like to schedule the banding about 20 days from hatching. When the eyasses are 20 days old, they’re strong enough to handle being out of the nest for a bit, but not strong enough to fly away or fight being poked and prodded.

We’ve scheduled the 2017 banding for Friday, May 19. New this year: a Facebook live video! We’ll be documenting the banding as it happens, so you’ll want to log into Facebook that morning. We’ll announce the specific time at a later date.

Naming Contest Coming

During the banding, the falcon experts will determine the sex of each bird (based on their size – the male falcons are smaller than the female ones), and they’ll be banded so that we can trace their journey throughout their lives.

We’ll launch the naming contest on WoodmenLife’s Facebook page right after the banding on that Friday. Stay tuned for more details!



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