Two Eggs and Two Falcons

by   |   March 23, 2017

We have two eggs in the nest!

We’re seeing the falcons incubate the eggs more today – and we’ve seen both falcons in the nest, too. We had heard reports of falcons around the mid-town area of Omaha,…


We Have an Egg!

by   |   March 20, 2017

Charity laid her first egg this morning!

Average clutch sizes for peregrine falcons are between three and four eggs, so watch for more eggs in the coming days.

Charity and Mintaka will incubate the eggs for about 30 days….


We Have Names – Dakota, Cheyenne, Endura, Hunter!

by   |   June 16, 2016

We are proud to announce the names of the newest batch of WoodmenLife Tower falcon chicks! Their names are:
Dakota, female, #49/U
Cheyenne, female, #52/U
Endura, female, #53/U
Hunter, male, #H/57
The winning name suggestions were submitted by Joey Sarinana from…


2016 WoodmenLife Falcon Banding

by   |   June 1, 2016

May 27 was banding day at the WoodmenLife Tower as workers from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery came to inspect and band the young falcons. As a bonus, recovery expert, Betsy Finch,…


2016 Falcon Banding & Naming Contest

by   |   May 23, 2016

Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will visit WoodmenLife May 27 for the annual ritual of banding the new chicks.

The birds, about 4 weeks old, will be collected from the nest to…


Four Falcon Chicks are Keeping Parents Busy

by   |   May 20, 2016

Hunting has ramped up for the WoodmenLife Tower falcons since early May, when all four eggs hatched. The baby chicks are voracious eaters, keeping mom and dad busy.

The chicks wait impatiently in the nest until mom or…


Easter Egg Roll

by   |   March 30, 2016

We have eggs! The WoodmenLife Tower falcons have laid their first two eggs. According to the time-lapse photos taken by our falcon-cam viewers, it looks like the first egg was laid on Easter morning at approximately 4:00am,…

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